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Home Gym or Gym Membership?

Instead of spending hours working out in the gym, you can exercise while working from home, watching tv or taking care of your family.

Instead of carving out space to store your weight and bench, we offer equipment that can be stored in a small pack or to be used as stylish furniture.

A home gym is a simple way to save time and the membership is free.

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Exercise ball instead of workout bench or office chair?

Sitting on a Yoga ball while watching TV or working from home is more fun and a healthier alternative to a couch or office chair.

Simply sitting on a yoga ball is exercise as it requires core muscles to hold the body upright and balanced on the ball, improving lung capacity and strengthening the spine as the muscles are constantly working.

To make it more comfortable and stable in the beginning use a slightly deflated Yoga ball.


Yoga ball as exercise equipment

Using a yoga ball in your workout routine comes with many health benefits. You will be able to strengthen your core, improve your balance, coordination, and flexibility, and relieve some complications related to your back and spine.

A Yoga ball is stylish, lightweight, soft, easy to use, and probably the most fun exercise equipment you are ever going to have.

It will activate all your postural muscles, abdomen, pelvis and back.

Using a yoga ball instead of a gym bench will increase your balance, stimulate core muscles and the smaller stability muscles you do not activate during ordinary training on the bench.

Working out with a yoga ball will take your training to the next level.

Resistance band instead of weights?

Training with a resistance band engages your muscles more efficiently. They are geared towards compound movements which means you are using several muscles while exercising.

Using resistance bands will engage the muscles under constant tension from extension to contraction which will significantly Improve the quality of each rep.

Lifting weights comes with higher injury risk.  The bands use tight motions and maintaining form is easier than with weights and lifting with good form is essential to prevent injuries.  Form is also critical with bands, but overextending the joints is more difficult because the elastic naturally limits your range of motion.


Bands can also be essential for aiding in injury recovery, especially when it comes to working on hip, shoulder, or knee injuries.


Compared to weights, the bands are light and can be stored in small spaces such as a bag, drawer, or closet. They pack easily for travel and you can use them anywhere.  For this reason, resistance band training offers a major advantage over free weights.



We both are in our 40s and kids at heart. Ali is an architect and Mirela is a fashion designer.

As our love grew, we moved in together, started furnishing our small space and had the high ambition to fit a home gym or Peloton in our one bedroom apartment.

The conversation went something like this:

Ali: it would be amazing to have a gym in our apartment!

Mirela: we do not have enough space and I can’t handle those ugly dumbbells around the house. I cannot bang my toes again on those heavy weights!

 It was disappointing not having space for our beloved gym, but we did not give up. So, we thought about it, researched it and came up with an idea to integrate gym equipment into our home furniture.

Mirela: that’s great idea but can we make it stylish?

Ali: hmmm…let’s see what we can do…

So, we did it. We got our home gym and that made us extremely happy.

Then we thought:  Why not spread this idea to other people?

So, here we are, a small business with a hope to make a big change towards a healthy and stylish lifestyle to any small apartment around the world.

Mirela and Ali,

With Love


ABN number 25688405643

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569 George St, NSW, 2000

(+61) 02 8971 5633

New York 

(+1) 914-608-7068

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