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About Us :

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We both are in our 40s and kids at heart. Ali is an architect and Mirela is a fashion designer.

As our love grew, we moved in together, started furnishing our small space and had the high ambition to fit a home gym or Peloton in our one bedroom apartment.

The conversation went something like this:

Ali: it would be amazing to have a gym in our apartment!

Mirela: we do not have enough space and I can’t handle those ugly dumbbells around the house. I cannot bang my toes again on those heavy weights!

 It was disappointing not having space for our beloved gym, but we did not give up. So, we thought about it, researched it and came up with an idea to integrate gym equipment into our home furniture.

Mirela: that’s great idea but can we make it stylish?

Ali: hmmm…let’s see what we can do…

So, we did it. We got our home gym and that made us extremely happy.

Then we thought:  Why not spread this idea to other people?

So, here we are, a small business with a hope to make a big change towards a healthy and stylish lifestyle to any small apartment around the world.

With Love

Mirela and Ali,

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